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Technical Director, Media & FX Producer, Creative Designer, Composer, Imagineer
Experience, Attraction, Game, App, AR, VR, Software and Firmware Developer

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User Interface / User Experience / Software Design & Engineering

I am a very creative programmer, technical director, vfx supervisor, designer, producer, app, software, firmware, VR and multimedia developer, composer, author, instructor and imagineer with a passion for themeparks, new media, virtual reality, magic, music, games, science, technology and interactive entertainment. I have been programming for more than 25 years. I co-authored and sold my first professional video game while still in middle school and helped develop one of the first interactive entertainment simulator attractions. I am honored to serve as Head of Education for VRARA LA, and as a professor of Unity, Game Scripting, VFX, VR and Interactive Programming at Studio Arts. I am fluent in C, C#, C++, Swift, Java, Javascript, BASIC, and Assembly Language on a variety of processors and micro-controllers including 68xxx, x86, ARM, Cypress PSOC, Freescale, PIC, Renesas and ST Micro.

I've served as creative technical lead for projects ranging from themeparks, museums, stage shows, game shows, apps and video games to control systems, editing software, DVDs, flight controls, consumer products and scientific instruments. I helped design and engineer two CEA “Innovation Award” winning products and a Popular Science Invention of the Year, and have been recognized for my early efforts in voice synthesis, virtual machines, haptic feedback, nonlinear editing and network rendering.

I am a State accredited college instructor and authored the book "Beginning Game Graphics" for Premier Press and Thomson Course Technology. I helped build and manage the post production department at Lorimar TelePictures, where we produced more than 21 network series, developed the first computer-based production tracking system and pioneered the use of computer graphics and nonlinear editing in feature films and broadcast television. As Art Department Coordinator for Star Trek, The Next Generation, I produced graphics, sets, and fx and helped define and develop the genre's user interfaces and technological profile, while documenting and maintaining the brand's standards and licensing guidelines.

I've also served as lead programmer and senior development engineer for a pioneering leader in environmental science, laboratory robotics, air sampling and head-space analysis. I've developed educational, e-commerce and music scoring applications, animation systems, casino systems, acousta-haptic technology and embedded controls. I have worked extensively with audio, video, media, show-control, lighting, compositing, music, graphics, visual fx, machine vision, PWM, sensor fusion, RFID, servo, stepper-motor and serial communication technology. I’ve taught courses in media, game and environmental design, post-production, visual fx, game scripting and programming. I developed and chaired one of the first college level Game Design programs and taught the first video game development classes officially offered by the Los Angeles Unified School District.

I've designed, technical directed and produced television shows, themeparks, haunts, museum and convention exhibits, magic shows, stage shows, dark rides, 4D theaters and special fx spectaculars, and was responsible for the design of media, control, audio, lighting and interactive systems for two themeparks, numerous rides, many exhibits and a 100+ acre museum/cultural center.

I have produced and moderated industry events and workshops for iHollywood Forums, the USC IGM Art Gallery, the Plaza de la Raza, World Magic Seminar, The Academy of Magical Arts, the City of Los Angeles and The City of Thousand Oaks. I serve as a member of the Design, Media, Special Event and Innovation Committees for The Magic Castle, and have served on the Executive Committee for CalHaunts, the Tournament of Roses Association/Burbank On Parade Committee, the Mayors Business Roundtable, the Ventura County Discovery Center, Open House Toast Masters, the Cable Access Committee and the Facilities and Equipment Subcommittee for the City of Thousand Oaks.

I've been recognized by the City and County of Los Angeles for my contributions in education, entertainment, environmental and medical technology, and for my work in support of technology, music and art education in our schools. I excel in creative development, production, engineering, presentation, problem solving, visualization, analysis, simulation, team building, interface design, experience design, graphics, firmware, training and communication. I enjoy working as part of a creative team at the crossroads of imagination, technology, art and science.

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